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Site Fencing Hire

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Fencing Hire

Fencing hire can be provided by Site Equip for construction and building sites across the South of England. Site Equip’s range of fencing hire includes temporary heras fencing and avalon orange barrier hire. If you require site fencing hire project, ours are cost-effective, and secure. Every piece of equipment is checked by our in house warehouse team, ensuring your unit is ready for hire very time. Our staff are also on hand for any support you may need throughout the length of your hire. We can even carry out a free site inspection to ensure there is clear access for your sites needs. We pride ourselves on providing solutions for your projects, allowing a greater flexibility of services, for usual projects or difficult contracts.

The Fencing Hire Product Range

Our products within this range are;

Site Heras Fencing

Site Equip’s temporary site heras fencing hire is available for long term hire. Anti climb security fencing hire is a great way to secure restricted areas on building and construction sites. Site Equip not only hire site fencing but it is also available to buy, through our sister company Site Build. We can offer both new and second hand site heras fencing, subject to availability.

Pedestrian Gate Fencing Hire

Pedestrian gate fencing hire is an additional product available in the site fencing hire range. The pedestrian gate is made from high-quality steel and has a galvanised finish which helps to prevent rust. All pedestrian gates are are supplied with a Castor Wheel and Gate Hinge.

Vehicle Gate Fencing Hire

This vehicle gate is suitable for providing access to vehicle traffic and will keep your site secure when it is not in use. The Gate contains two gate panels which are each 2.0m wide, so when both the gate panels are fully open you will have a total access width of 4.0m. Each gate leaf swings 180 degrees. This Vehicle Gate is also supplied with castor wheels and gate hinges to allow for smooth and easy movement.

Fence Feet

Additional fence feet can be provided with the hire of site fencing, pedestrian gates and vehicle gates. These heavy duty rubber or concrete block are used to stabilise the fencing to ensure it stands up right and secure.

Fence Clips

Additional fence clips can be hired to secure fence panels, pedestrian gates and vehicle gates together. On windy or high security sites, double clips are preferable when erecting the fencing for site security.


This Stabilising Support Bar is suitable for providing your site fencing with more strength to withstand large winds, uneven ground and slopes. The Backstays are positioned at an angle and are braced and bolted into the ground 988mm away from the panel using Ground Pins. The top of the Stabilising Support Bar meets the panel at a height of 1485mm; where it is secured using a Coupler between the two adjoining panels.

Temporary Avalon Orange Barrier Hire

The pedestrian safety avalon barrier fencing hire is very popular for preventing access to construction and building sites. Using its interlocking grooves the avalon barrier can be stacked easily without the sliding apart and calls for no extra parts. It is specially designed to overcome the trip hazards pedestrians may face, and ensures that even on uneven ground, over kerbs, up slops or across rough terrain the links and joints are secure. The avalon barrier also has a unlocked or locked configuration mode to prevent unauthorised dismantling.

Acoustic Sound Barrier Hire

Noise reducing sound barriers are available to hire, easily attached to your fencing hire, to reduce noise pollution up to 30dB.

Fencing Hire Coverage

Site Equip are based in the South of England and from their depot in Lasham, Alton, Hampshire can deliver to a wide variety of locations including Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, London, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, Oxfordshire, Essex and Kent